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Songs about Psychosis

Often times it is good to identify with media.  It makes many people feel understood; it makes many feel that they are not alone.  Here are a few songs identifying with psychosis.  I am trying to make the list compact, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.  I have also put the general genre after the …

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Music’s Effect on Psychosis

Music’s Effect on Psychosis Below is a wordy passage of music’s effects on psychosis.  You can read it if you want, but I have put an easier to understand version here:  Basically it says music can help psychosis in many cases.  It especially helps negative symptoms (flat affect (a person’s face stares off or shows …

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Relaxing Classical Music Part 1

Relaxing Classical Music Listening to classical music is a form of relaxation.  But there is so much music out there.  I have sifted through a lot of music and I am going to post some of my favorites.  I will post these in segments so that the amount of music will not be overwhelming. Bach Cello …

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