My Mind is about to Explode

My mind is about to explode.

I feel it in both biological and mechanical ways.  Biologically I feel my mind boiling, I hear the air bubbles popping as the mind melts.  The machine is breaking down and making a huge banging sound as it disintegrates.  Is the mind alive or machine?

Whatever it is, the bugs are eating whatever they can as they boil along with the brain.  I can hear the bugs scream along with my mind.  It’s nuclear fission.  Atoms are being split into smaller parts; it’s radioactive decay.  It’s not possible.  It feels like popcorn kernels are popping, except the kernels are heavy balls of lead and break the skull with each hit.  My head feels like it weighs thousands of pounds.  I can’t lift it.  Has it been bolted to the floor?

I can’t believe how much pain this is causing me.



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