Bugs Crawling Under My Skin

Something is crawling under my skin; I feel something moving and eating me from the inside out.  Nobody will believe me; they say this is not possible.

I feel them crawling on me and I brush them off, but they won’t go away.  I swat at them and people just stare.

1, 2, 20, an entire swarm is over me covering every inch of my body.  Some are on the inside, some are on the outside searching for ways in.  Through the ears, nose, mouth, and anus.  Biting me, excreting toxins

The snake is slithering towards me, crawling up my legs, body, and stopping around my neck.  Squeezing, constricting my neck.  I can barely breath.  Get it off of me!

When I was in high school, I had a case of pinworms.  This was a simple fix and was treated with medication.  But the feeling has never gone away.  At night, pin worms crawl out through the anus, and lay eggs, before crawling back in.  Ever since high school I have felt this disgusting sensation from hallucinations.  And even if they aren’t real, I still feel them.  


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