Reality Testing with Shadows

I see shadows.  I have been experimenting with what may help with these shadows.  I don’t believe that they are real anymore.  And the only real way to get better is by believing that they aren’t real.

There are several ways that I reality test the shadows.  The first way is that I take my glasses off.  When I take my glasses off, the shadows are crisp and clear but the rest of my surroundings are blurry.  The way that I interpret this is by thinking that the blurry things are from the real world, while my mind is projecting the sharp objects that are not real.

Another way that I reality test is by interacting with them.  For example, I remember handing a shadow a piece of paper.  He didn’t take it, but just stood there.  With this, I reasoned that either the shadow wasn’t real or he was really rude and unresponsive.

With a conclusion of them not being real, this left me much more relaxed.



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