What is Real? (Poem/Song on Psychosis)


What is real?

Who is he?

What is real?

Who is me?

Which do I follow?

Which do I stop?

Which should I nurture?

Which should I drop?

Super powers?

Or am I impaired?

What to have?

And what should I give?

Should I listen?

Or should I not?

No, no, no.

They will stop.

Verse 1:

I wanted you, but you are false

Lying, cheating, full of fault

You tempted me, taunted me

Promised me immortality



Verse 2:

Power, strength, iron will

Completion, fulfillment

No, no not from you

Not from mortal man




Bridge (x2):

Now, let me go

Don’t keep me in

You have no chance

No, you can’t win

Verse 3:

I’ll put my faith in God above

Complete me, Surround me

The alpha, omega

He will help me


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