How I Got Rid of this Beast

wolf for blogThis is my drawing of the hallucination that has been hunting me. I see it hiding in bushes and it pounces on me in the night.

Strangely enough, I got it to go away. I did this by drawing it and coming up with ideas of how to escape from it.

The weakness of this beast is that it only has 3 toes per paw; because of that it has balance problems. I told myself that I could escape from him because of his imbalance; and since my mind believed it, I did escape.

Also, the drawing that I made was less intimidating than the actual monster. This may have helped my mind decrease my fear, because the new (less scary) monster replaced him.

I am curious if these approaches help with visual hallucinations of your own.



  1. What a great way to deal with this. I’m glad it worked for you

  2. I don’t have visual hallucinations but auditory. I find writing about what they say helps me a great deal.

    • For voices, it is sometimes helpful to write the opposite of what they are saying. Writing it many times a day, and for many days in a row is usually more helpful.
      Also, I looked at your page and I am glad that you are still around.

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