Yoda vs. Dark Yoda (Conquering our Dark Side)

I think that this video is incredible. I find that this video is relatable to aspects of psychosis. Many of us, even the great hero Yoda, experience the “dark side” of ourselves. The voices within our heads often cackle or tell us to do things that we don’t want to do (as in hurt others or ourselves). We must learn to be like Yoda and through patience and training we shall reject and overcome our dark sides.

Here are some great quotes from the clip.

“I choose not to give you power.” – 1:25

“Recognize you, I do. Part of me you are, yes, but power over me you have not. Through patience and training, it is I who control you. Control over me, you have not. My dark side you are, reject you I do.” – 2:40

And here is the clip:





  1. This is the most beautiful comparison I’ve ever seen. I have a history of psychosis (I’m bipolar 2), and I always find it helpful to find analogies in things I enjoy. For example, I see myself as a grey jedi: sometimes I’m more Jedi, others I’m more Sith. But I’ve learnt to accept both.


  1. Revisiting the quote from the Journal of the Whills – Spoiled Blue Milk

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