This is the Best Time Yet (To Live with Psychosis)

I am very glad to live in this time period. In this time period, my illness is much easier to live with. A lot of this is because of more public knowledge and modern day medicine.

Before recently, people with this illness would just be locked up in an insane asylum. Bipolar Disorder was not modernly conceptualized until 1854. Schizophrenia was not labeled as a mental disorder until 1887. Before this, many believed that psychosis was caused by demonic possession. Treatment would involve attempted exorcisms. One method of treatment included drilling into the skull to release the demons.

The use for antipsychotics for psychosis was found on accident. Antipsychotics were used as tranquilizers; doctors then observed that the tranquilizers seemed to help psychotic symptoms. This observation was further researched, and the 1950s gave the birth of antipsychotics for treatment of psychosis. Since the 1950s many antipsychotics have been developed, and this will only get better in the future.

This period of time is changing; many people do believe that psychosis is an illness of the brain and not due to demonic possession. Although the stereotype that people with psychosis are violent has not yet been overcome; but with more public education and knowledge this can also be changed.


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